No supermarkets for Lent continued

Another day of shopping supermarket free. Yes we are still managing! All this was bought in local shops or on the market, including meat, cooked meat and pork pie etc.

Shopping 5

After Easter I will try and give a summary of how we found this challenge affected us and our shopping. 🙂


Latest on ‘no supermarkets for lent’.

We are still sticking to our guns about not using supermarkets for the duration of lent. Here are some of the shops that are benefiting from that commitment.

Europe Express, a new shop to Fakenham, very friendly and very handy for milk.

Shopping 1

We have bought a lovely jar of honey today with honey comb inside and some Polish margarine to try.

Shopping 4

We regularly go into The Larder, our health food shop, but have been shopping there more and have discovered they do some lovely organic porridge oats.

Shopping 2

This is Benbows our green grocers, our lent commitment has made us shop here more aswell.

Shopping 3

So as you can see our lenten exersize is going well so far, but I have a confession to make!!! We had to get the wine for my birthday party from Morrisons, which I’m not happy about but we have not bought anything in there otherwise!

Fakenham Market Finds

Decided to have Thursday off instead of Friday this week, which was a good choice because it was a lovely spring day. This meant I could have a slow relaxing browse round the Market. As well as being able to get some food, replacing things that we would have normally bought from the supermarket, I bought this 1 ltr glass jug for £1.50, a useful addition to the kitchen.

Jug copy

As well as that, we went and bought three new chickens. Yay! As soon as I get a decent photo I’ll introduce you. 🙂

Fakenham Market finds

Our finds on the market today were these lovely soup bowls for only £1.00 each.

Market 1

We also did some discovering as a result of our lent project (giving up supermarkets).

A new bread stall has appeared on our market called ‘Bread Source’. The bread is made in traditional ways and takes longer to make, but the prices are still reasonable and they use British wheat. We also introduced ourselves to the cheese man on the market and as I can’t eat cows cheese, I was pleased to find he stocks a whole range of sheeps and goats cheese. We also purchased some ham he cooks himself.


Market 2

I’m quite enjoying our lent project:-)

Report on giving up supermarkets

We did our first shop for groceries this morning and it proved to be quite successful. We managed to get most of what we wanted and plan to get some other stuff at our Thursday market.


I know the first thought is that shopping this way it would take more time, but when Keith popped into a local shop a couple of days ago for milk and wine, he was much quicker that when he has visited the supermarket. So I think the time used exploring local shops is probably not much different than queuing in the supermarket. Also I think shopping in local shops we may stick to the shopping list better! 🙂