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Brightening Things Up (cont.)

Here’s an update on the fire place in our lounge.

It’s still not finished but we love it. Thanks to chalk paint we’ve been able to cover up the dark tiles very easily.

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like before.

An amazing transformation I think! 🙂

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New Flower Bed

Here’s an idea, why not make a flower bed out of an old table? Well I have! I had a very sad looking garden table, turned it upside down, cut it’s legs off and now I have a quite spacious but manageable flower bed 🙂

That old table now contains, lavender, seedum, geraniums and some tulip bulbs for the spring., I’ve never started a bed from scratch like that before so I’m very pleased 🙂

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Yellow Chair

I am very happy to report the continuation of furniture preservation in my garden.

I now have a yellow chair! I decided that this chair couldn’t be left any longer and needed attention….

Yellow Chair 1

and I am quite happy to tell you I painted it yellow.Yellow Chair 2
I am really enjoying the brightness in my garden as the sunshine has been very limited lately, so now I have my very own bit of sunshine 🙂

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Making Handkerchiefs

Well, what about this?

I know handkerchiefs are well out of fashion and have been replaced with tissues. But this simple life blogger had an idea! Instead of throwing an old cotton shirt away when the collar’s worn and it’s not possible just to remove the collar, use the back piece of the shirt and make a handkerchief!Hankies

Cut a piece from the back of the shirt approximately 47 cm square, fold and press a hem of 1cm all round four sides and then fold again and press another 1 cm. This encloses the raw edge. Sew along the edge of the hem all round the four sides and voila, you have a handkerchief! Happy sewing

(You can give the remains of the shirt to a charity shop that takes rags)

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Decorating on a budget

I desperately wanted to decorate the lounge. I decided that after eight years of living here it was about time to make our mark. But it had to be on a budget!


Lounge 1 Lounge 2

Start day.  The paint cost £14.00….

Lounge 3

…..and doesn’t it look nice!

The wooden lamp bottom right cost £4.00 plus £6.00 for new wiring.

Lounge 4

The bookshelves were £100 from a local antique shop. We wanted good value rather than cheap as we want them to last!

Lounge 5

The lovely corner unit was again from a local antique shop for £55.00.

Lounge 6

I printed our blinds, so new blinds for free.

Lounge 7

So a juggle around with furniture and pieces of existing art and a new room for £178.00. 🙂

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Draft Excluder

Wow, doesn’t time fly, I’ve been too busy enjoying  my simple life and not sharing with you what I’ve been doing.

One of the things I’ve made recently is several draft excluders as our 1930’s house is quite drafty. Blocking the drafts as well as saving energy.

Here is one of them…

….can you tell what it is made of? Well it’s the leg of an old pair of tights, stuffed with a piece of old blanket cut to size and I crocheted the ties for the end but you can use anything. If you don’t have old blankets look in the Sally Army charity shops or RSPCA, they’re the best.  Anyway, I’m pleased with them and I hope you can make use of the idea! 🙂

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A New Handle

I had bought this lovely victorian hand fork a few years ago and I knew that it had wood worm. It was so lovely to use though that I continued to use it until the handle started falling appart. Keith had said that we could make a new handle for it a while ago and yesterday he sat in the garden and made me a the new handle I so badly needed, he even used the original nail to secure it.

As he has been feeling under the weather he quite enjoyed sitting in the sun with his penknife shaping the wood while I was giving the roses some attention. No sun today though!

It’s amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it!