Curry made with Leftovers

I love inventing recipes when I come to the end of my supplies and there are odd bits of food in the fridge. I also find it economical to buy a joint for roasting, larger than I need to use over a few days.

I made this curry using what I had left in the fridge the other day. No waste, frugal food that is tasty and nourishing.

I diced a small amount of leftover roast pork (it doesn’t matter if it’s only a small amount as you can bulk it out with vegs)

Pork 1

I had about three mushrooms and half a onion which I chopped. (It does’t matter at all if your mushrooms have gone a bit soft)

Pork 2

I fried the onion and mushroom with a little oil in a pan with curry powder. Stirred in the pork, a hand full of raisins and some tinned tomatoes. Then I added enough water to the mix to keep it simmering and a little salt.

Pork 3

Meanwhile I had some rice cooking on another hob.

Pork 4
It was rather yummy! 🙂

Rice, tinned tomatoes, raisins and curry powder are all good ingredients to keep in the cupboard to use with leftovers.


Fresh herb omelette

The first fresh herb omelette of the year, the herbs are finally showing some growth.

Fresh mint, lovage, oregano, sage,and thyme all chopped up…..

omelette 1

….and added to lovely fresh eggs….

omelette 2

…..and a little grated cheese.

omelette 3

Sliced mushrooms sauteed in butter and the egg mixture poured over the top, cook until set.

omelette 4

Sorry, there’s no picture of the finished omelette as we were too busy eating it! 🙂