New Lamp Shade

One of my projects last week was to make new a very tatty lampshade.

I have a collection of used stamps and I have loads that I have accumulated that are no use in my collection, so the new project began.

After the laborious job of soaking the stamps of the paper of the envelopes, it was a fun and satisfying thing to do.


What do you think?


Now for the job of restoring the lamp base! 🙂


Using my fabrics around my home.

I have started to use my own artwork and fabrics around the home so that I can enjoy them and get inspiration from them. This was a sample I did a short while ago which was hanging in my studio.

This unsightly space has been there since we converted this little room and I’ve been meaning to put a curtain up. I’m glad I delayed it now as I’m really pleased with this!

Hand Printed Table Cloth

I’ve been doing alot of printing lately, appart from the last few days where the hose pipe is frozen so I wouldn’t be able to clean my screens! I am bringing alot of my samples in to use in the house and here is one of them. A lovely cheerful table cloth where I’ve printed on re-used calico.

It’s especially nice on cold snowy days to use cheery linen to brighten up the house.


Sometimes what I do on my art blog has to cros over to my home blog. I’m getting so excited about my Christmas table this year. I’m using almost every scrap of the snowflake printed paper I have done in my cracker production, it’s great fun!

Loads of snowflake pattern in varying shades, crackers and hats!  I think snowflakes are the theme of my christmas this year and even if we don’t have a white Christmas it will be a white Christmas to us at our Christmas table!

If you’d like to see more pop over to my art blog or come to my Christmas open studio.

Thrifty and creative in the Kitchen

We have been decorating the kitchen, and I do like open shelves to have nice things displayed on them. I have one over the place where we make tha tea and have some teas displayed on it and our frequently used mugs. These shelves were on the wall when we arrive at the house and are from one of those packs you make up yourself, they were  useful but certainly not decorative. We have painted our walls pale duck egg (a Homebase colour) and I have decorated my shelves to complement the new decour.

We took the shelfs off the wall and I painted them with the emusion we painted the walls with, not in the rule books but doest cost anything and looks good. I did use a base coat first of ordinary white emulsion to help the coverage. Then as you can see below I had a bit of a play around with my acylic paints to work out the colours I might like to use for the design I wanted to put on them. If you don’t have acylic paint it’s very cheap to buy or use craft paint. Use the same paints to put the pattern on the shelves aswell.

This is a close up of the pattern I chose to do, I wanted something very simple. If your not confident in designing a pattern of your own, look through some magazines for something you can copy.

This is what the completed shelves look like. I am so pleased with them, it’s definately a worthwhile transformation!

What do you think?