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Wine Making

This weekend we have been giving our attention to our wine making. The Pinot Gregio was ready to bottle so here’s the first lot. We only managed 5 1/2 bottles so we had some to taste and it’s lovely. The lady in our fab brew shop in Norwich said it would get better with age. We have now ordered a larger quantity which will make between 27 and 30 bottles of beautiful wine at the economy price of £1.60 per bottle. We may have to buy some extra bottles, but still it’s quite a saving!

Wine 1

We also started brewing our red wine from the kit which is a merlot. In this picture we’re adding the yeast. The wine is now left for 15 to 20 days before adding more ingredients.

Wine 2
The kits are quite easy, require little attention and are ideal if you want to save a bit of money or strive for some sort of self reliance.

I can’t wait to taste the red! 🙂