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Eco Aware 2022

We attached a piece of paper to our fridge in Jan 2021 to write down things we can do to reduce our footprint on the planet. We listed a few things and did a few things like re using bags and recycling what we could, but in busy lives, illness and other steps we have to climb, things tended to stay on hold even though intentions were good.
I’m very happy about the steps we have taken at the beginning of 2022 and are sharing these things to encourage, not to make anyone to feel guilty or brag about what we are doing.

I’ve been especially conscious of plastic and how difficult it is to avoid and how much goes into recycling and how much energy that takes. So maybe reducing how much plastic I put in the recycle bin is better. Can we even trust that our plastic is even being recycled sometimes?

No.1 Try to bake my own bread

No.2 We now have milk delivered.

No.3 Bamboo toothbrushes (we had started to do this before but I thought I would share)

No. 4 Make reusable face wipes out of old cloths ( instead of non organic cotton wool)

N0.5 I have actually found seed for garden birds that not only has plastic free packaging but is grown in this country.

I am so pleased with these changes and plan to keep a look out to what else I can incorporate in my everyday life.