Chilli’s and squashes

I am really pleased to report that my 5op chilli plants that I bought in the summer are now looking like this.


As I hadn’t time to prepare the beds when the plants were ready my squashes and courgettes went into a wheel barrow and some large pots. They are looking like this.


These are at an advantage being by the back door, watering is easy. I’m looking forward to the fruit now that I have got all those flowers 🙂 By the way, these are all growing in my home made compost!


Compost Pumpkins!

Well it was at last time to pick them….

…..we didn’t want them to get frost bite did we? They are actually bigger than they look in this photo too!

Compost Pumpkin/squash update!

I haven’t been doing things in the garden for a while because of art related commitments. As it was a nice day today I thought I would do a bit of pottering and look what I saw …..


….and this….

….and it’s just growing and growing….

….perhaps I should have a compost especially for growing squashes!