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Happy New Year

What a lovely Christmas and New Year we’ve had and hope you have too. We made the decision to have it to ourselves this year as we had been so busy with work in the run up to Christmas. We saw a few friends, but apart from that we spent it in each others company, with minimal TV, doing lots of creative things. What a blessed thing knowing you can choose not to be part of the rush.

Here’s a glimpse of our lovely Christmas tree! 🙂

Christmas Tree
Look forward to sharing our adventures with you in 2014, Happy New Year 

Love Debbie x

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Decorating on a budget

I desperately wanted to decorate the lounge. I decided that after eight years of living here it was about time to make our mark. But it had to be on a budget!


Lounge 1 Lounge 2

Start day.  The paint cost £14.00….

Lounge 3

…..and doesn’t it look nice!

The wooden lamp bottom right cost £4.00 plus £6.00 for new wiring.

Lounge 4

The bookshelves were £100 from a local antique shop. We wanted good value rather than cheap as we want them to last!

Lounge 5

The lovely corner unit was again from a local antique shop for £55.00.

Lounge 6

I printed our blinds, so new blinds for free.

Lounge 7

So a juggle around with furniture and pieces of existing art and a new room for £178.00. 🙂

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Giving up supermarkets for lent!

Well this is a good one, isn’t it!

Today is the first day of lent and Keith and I have made the bold decision to give up supermarkets for those forty days. We are very aware of where we by our food, but this will be an even greater challenge and will need more planning.

Here’s our wonderful pantry to create the mood.


I will let you know our progress as the forty days goes on.

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The River Cottage Cookbook

Found this hardback copy of the above at Fakenam Parish Curch Book Fair on Saturday for £2.00, I’ve already got the paperback but I can’t resist a hardback, I’ll give the otherone away as a pressie. Many of you know already that Hugh is my lifestyle guru and re reading what he has to say at the beginning of this book reminds me why….

Hugh writes “There are two reasons why you may want to read this book. The first is more or less selfish, because the main aim here is simply to help you enjoy your life more – your life with food, that is. We all know that, on occasion, food can be the source of tremendous pleasure. My question is, why is it ever not?” ….and he goes on to explain more.

It doesn’t take a lot to eat better and enjoy our food and since I have learnt more about making the most out of the food we eat, we hardly every have a bad meal. Eg use the juices at the bottom of a roasting pan if not for gravy (which only needs flour and water from the veggies) scrape it out an use it to make a meat stock, mabe for a rissotto. It does make a difference, I love my food. There’s only one draw back, It makes you fussy about eating anywhere else! Go on get a copy of one of Hugh’s books, get inspired ( it’s not ponsey food either, it’s real food!)

I’m happy to answer any cooking questions!

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Snow and wood smoke

Even through the snow and the harsh frost, things are so beautiful – do search for the beautiful even if the cold weather bothers you. This is a photo looking across to our neighbours house a couple of days ago, with the wood smoke from they’re burner sitting on the heavy air above the house.

I couldn’t resist taking the snap, it seemed to epitomise the winter we’re having.

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A Quote

Life is a battle. There are conflicts around us and within us all our lives. Yet if we are at war we are at least alive. If the warfare has ceased, we must ask if we too have ceased to live.

Extract from ‘Flame in my heart’ – David Adam