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Rocket Glut

Anyone who grows salad will know the feeling, when your are waiting for your salad to be big enough to cut and eat, when all of a sudden there’s loads! Well for the first time I’ve made rocket pesto. I grabbed a couple of hand fulls of rocket and gave the extra large leaves to the chickens. I whizzed the rest up in the food processor (taking out any thick stalks) with olive oil, sunflower seeds, goats cheese and a little cider vinegar.

Rocket pesto 1

I had no recipe, quantities were to taste.

Rocket pesto 2 Rocket pesto 3

I served it with roasted new potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. It was lovely! 🙂

Rocket pesto 4
I used the second half of the pesto with some pasta and salmon but I think the rocket pesto is a little strong to go with fish!



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